Who exactly is the Vaad?

The Vaad is a non-profit organization, comprised of a Rabbinical Director, an Executive Administrator, a President, Board members and Mashgichim-Overseers that tend to the Kashruth needs of the local community.

What geographic area does the Vaad Service?

Although Vaad Atlantic’s title states Atlantic County, the Vaad also services Southern South Jerseys Smaller Jewish communities south of the Atlantic City Expressway, Including smaller communities such as Vinland and GloucesterCounty.

How many establishments does the Vaad certify?

A list of kosher establishments under the vaad will be updated shortly . 

Are other rabbis involved with the Vaad?   

All of the rabbis in the Atlantic County area are in contact with Rabbi Rapoport. They all enjoy an ongoing invitation to walk through and provide insight and advice regarding all of the kosher establishments which Vaad Atlantic supervises.